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Sub 60 Smash- Wrap up

Saturday we had six brilliant teams competing in our first ever group fitness challenge. We were so pleased to see such determination and effort from everyone involved! So great to see people of all different fitness levels and levels of 'gym' knowledge giving the challenge a go.

Thank you too all our generous sponsors: Pics peanut butter, Hunting and Fishing Kaikoura, New World Kaikoura, Nuzest, Kaikoura Beauty, Dolphin encounter and Janice Dreaver.

Thank you to Dave, Lynette and Janice for their fantastic help on the day in running a great event.


The winners were DNA Fencing with a time of 1.10hrs

Second place went to The Big Kids with a time of 1.11hrs

The most motivating team went to Peaches and the most motivating team member went to Dilshan.

The individual that 'gave it the most' was Carla Walford and the leadership award went to Eva

The other times were as follows

- Rip shit bust: 1.14hr

- Peaches: 1.15hr

- Te ha o Te ora: 1.39hr

- Ginger Beavers: 1.47hr

Check out our Instagram here for more videos and photos!

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