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December Newsletter

Kia ora everyone!

With the year drawing to a close, we have a lot of positives to look back on!

First of all we would like to thank the Lottery Kaikoura Earthquake Relief Fund, COGS, the Southern Trust and Life Fitness for their support in grants received for the new gym equipment we have and gym assistance. We have had a change around in gym layout to cater for this new equipment and it looks fantastic!

In November we started an 8 week challenge with Zen Project 8, our new weight management program partner. The program includes meal plans, supplements and online support. Along with the program, the challenge includes classes and regular weigh-ins and measurements. We are seeing amazing results with lots of centimeters and kilos lost! In the New Year we hope to do another challenge as it has been very successful so far. Zen Project 8 is always offered from Sueann and you can start at any time.

As the number of gym members has increased dramatically, it is really important to make sure everyone is keeping to the general rules as they are in place for your health and safety. Things like:

-Wiping equipment and putting it away after use is really important.

-Unloading your weights.

-As the days are getting warmer please do not open the front doors, the gym does get hot, please use the fans and open the back doors - they do help.

-Having your swipe key is essential; please not let people in if they do not have their swipe key with them. If your key is not working, generally that means you are expired or in debt!

-Lastly, when you leave, please check all doors (particularly back doors) are closed, fans are off, the lights and radio are switched off!

Tip: only leave 50 kg each side on the leg press!!

Tip: only leave 50kg on each side of this leg press!

Please note our last day for manned office hours will be Friday 22 December 2017 reopening Monday 8 January 2018. Only key holders will be able to access the gym during this time. Please remember to follow the rules and not bring non-members or friends with you.

On behalf of the Kaikoura Gym Committee we would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and New Year break. Thank everyone for their outstanding patience and support in the past year and working with us while the repairs are being carried out (it is hoped that these will be completed by the end of December).

We are very excited about the future after such a great year. We hope to continue to upgrade equipment as we secure external funding.

An extra special thanks to John, Tish and Sueann for the great work you have done over the year.

Make sure you keep active and healthy over the festive season, enjoy some relaxation and have a safe and joyous Christmas!

Ngā mihi, Kaikoura Gym Committee

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