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June Newsletter 2017

Kia Ora everybody!

The Gym has reached a milestone in the last 2 weeks by reaching the highest ever amount of members! A massive thank you to everyone for supporting and helping us achieve this goal.

We currently have a survey in order to gauge interest in certain aspects of the gym. We would really appreciate it if you could answer the survey and give us your honest opinion. Below is the link,

We will not be running our Monday 6am Box Fit and Tuesday 6am Warrior class due to lack of numbers. If you would like these classes to continue, you are urged to let the office know and register your interest beforehand in order to make this class worthwhile.

The MetaFit 6am class on Wednesday’s will still be running, as will our over 50’s circuit class Thursday 10am and Sit and be Fit Friday 10am.

We want to reiterate that following the Gym rules is very important, especially UNLOADING your weights. As the Gym is getting busier it is really important to put equipment away as soon as you have used it. This keeps the Gym in order and enables other users to access the equipment and floor space safely.

We welcome any comments or suggestions and encourage you to complete our survey!

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