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February Newsletter 2017

First of all, thank you all for supporting the gym! Our membership numbers have increased to the highest it has ever been, which has made for a great change in the atmosphere.

Lately, you may have seen a lot of changes throughout the gym. We are focusing on creating a fresh new look to continue to motivate our members. Take note of the decals and quotes designed to inspire you to have your greatest workout yet!

There also is a new challenge "The Personal Best Challenge" running which has been extremely popular. This involves two split workouts, Weights and Reps. The weights challenge is focused on increasing the weight you are using for 6 different exercises. The Reps challenge is more Abs and cardio based, focused on testing your endurance while completing 5 exercises. Detailed forms disclosing this information are located on the whiteboard at the gym where you can record your results. This will finish on the 20th of February so get in and test yourself!

Our AGM meeting is also scheduled for the 23rd of February, 6pm at Dolphin Encounter. Any members are welcome to attend.

We have just launched a new website so we encourage you to check it out! New photos are also yet to be added. We are searching for any keen models to be featured…

Classes are also returning to the gym. Pump is running every Tuesday and Thursday 6am. Pilates will be continuing from the last 6 week block, 6.15pm Wednesday. Metafit is starting up soon, watch this space!

Soon we will also be welcoming a new staff member to the office, so changes are definitely something we are not short of this year!

Keep involved and we hope to see you all getting your sweat on this February!

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