Safety is our number one priority! We have adopted new procedures, reduced hours and limited our member numbers in the facility. We are following the Exercise Association of New Zealand’s guidelines on best practice to keep members safe.


  • There will be a limit of 10 members allowed in the facility at one time

  • This number may be revisited in the future to increase or decrease depending on how the gym is functioning

  • No casuals will be permitted entry during level 2 due to the difficulty to contract trace


  • During level 2 we require you to work out individually

  • No spotting or sharing of equipment

  • Please limit your sessions to 45-60 minutes. This allows more members to access the gym during popular times.

  • No gym gloves are permitted to be worn (i.e. fingerless gloves)

  • Fans are not permitted to be used. This limits the spread of any germs throughout the gym


  • Stay home if you are unwell

  • Wash or sanitise your hands before entering the gym

  • Bring and use a sweat towel every time you work out. You will be refused entry if you do not have one

  • Our policies will be printed outside and by swiping your key, this indicates you understand and will abide by our procedures. It also enables us to contract trace if required by the Ministry of Health

  • After entering, we may ask you to update your contact information to ensure we have up-to-date records, especially for longer-term members

  • Remember to be kind, others may be anxious due to the changes so please be respectful



  • Clean all equipment before and after using

  • On entry members will be provided with a bottle of disinfectant and a cloth to be used throughout the workout


  • Deep cleans will be conducted twice a day

  • Spot cleans of high contact areas will be conducted every 30 minutes to 2 hours

  • We will follow the Exercise Association of New Zealand’s framework to guide how we conduct deep cleans and spot cleans.


  • Please keep 2m distance from others when exercising

  • 1m-1.5m for brief interactions


  • Swipe your key a second time to sign out

  • Return your spray bottle and cloth to the designated area

  • Sanitise or wash your hands as you leave


  • New members will be able to sign up but this will not occur during the designated ‘working out’ hours

  • We will primarily use phone consultation to sign up new members to allow flexibility for those who cannot make the designated ‘signing up’ hour and limit people entering the gym

  • Once a member is signed up, a swipe key will be available for pick up and will be followed by a member orientation


  • These will be available but the less you use them the better. We would encourage members to arrive in your gym gear and shower at home. This limits interaction the spread of germs

  • Members who use these will need to clean these before and after use. Spray bottles will be provided and signs within these areas will indicate what you need to do

If you are unwell please do not enter and contact your GP or Healthline for advice. You can also go to www.covid19.govt.nz for the latest information on COVID-19 and symptoms.

All our procedures are based on Exercise NZ’s guidelines for best practice, which have been developed with Worksafe using the Ministry of Health’s protocols. You can access these from the link below.

Exercise Association of New Zealand (2020) ‘Framework for exercise facilities in New Zealand operating in a COVID-19 environment’